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Dear adventurers, thank you for choosing us!
The “Flights and Adventures” team will take you right to the nature’s heart, where you’ll have your own exciting experience in a new, extraordinary and amusing way. And the dose of adrenalin is up to you to define.
Whether by land, air or water, we shall make your day trip, team building, or birthday unforgettable. From little ones to big ones (from children to big ones) - everyone can join our entertainment regardless of their sport skills and previous experience.
Embark on something new, beautiful or even extreme with your relatives and friends!

Аbout us

 We are a family company and all of us are athletes. At the beginning we used to fly just for pleasure, but since 2013 our hobby grew up into business. All of our tandem  pilots fly with certified equipment. They are licensed and with great experience gained over the years. We prefer flying, but if the weather doesn’t allow us to do so, we also practice biking, kayaking, horseback riding and other sports. 

Todor Todorov

Tandem flights pilot and paragliding instructor with 20 years of experience. Former Judo and Sambo competitor and a European Sambo champion.

Petya Gavazova

Para winch operator, organization and logistics. Former Figure Skating competitor and Olympic games participant.

Plamen-Kaloian Todorov

Tandem flights pilot and paragliding instructor. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. Bulgarian Judo and Sambo champion.

Lozyo Dimitrov

Multiple times Bulgarian skateboard champion and Big air freestyle snowboarding champion. European vice-champion slope style. Paragliding tandem flights pilot. Paragliding, kitesurfing, skateboard and snowboard instructor.

Petar Syarov

Tandem flights pilot with 20 years of experience.Acro pilot,Cross country competitor and sky diver.














Flights from a slope

During the flight, which is completely over the mountains, guests can enjoy the breathtaking views of Vitosha, Rila and Stara Planina. Organizing groups of several people who can fly simultaneously and share the emotion is also an option. Price 160 leva.



Para winch

The specific of these flights is that the customer's take off and landing happen on the same spot and everyone around can watch and share his experience. The flight itself is over a plane area. That kind of flights is extremely suitable for organized team buildings. Price 75 leva.

Biking Tours

Route - Vitosha
Route Bankia - Klisura Monastery - Bojurishte. Groups of up to 4 people. Price for 2 persons - 2
00leva, for 3 persons - 250 leva, for 4 persons - 300 leva.


Kayaking trip in the Iskar Dam of groups up to 4 people. After an individual agreement the trip can be made in other lakes or dams. Price for 2 persons - 200 BGN, for 3 persons - 240 BGN, for 4 persons - 280 BGN.

Horseback Riding

Organizing horseback riding tours. Prices are negotiable depending on the route.

Organized Individual Lessons

Paragliding courses, 10 days duration, insurance 1 month, paragliding equipment: wing, harness, reserve parachute,helmet,radio, transport and lift, APPI 1 and APPI 2 certification, price:1250 BGN

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Please contact us to offer you the most appropriate and exciting adventure specially for you. We organize year-round events.

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